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An Invitation for You

Beginning August 1, Heartland Presbytery will start the 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge, from the PC(USA) Presbytery Mission website, which is well suited to individuals, churches and mid-councils. You are encouraged to participate in the challenge, which invites us to do something every day to raise awareness about the perniciousness of racism and encourage action in response to that awareness. The PC(USA) has joined several nonprofits, organizations and school systems in adapting the challenge for our use.

Each day, the task for that day will be posted on our Facebook page. If you are unable to start August 1, or if you miss a day, all the daily tasks are listed on our website, so you can catch up or proceed at your own pace.

We hope you’ll join us!

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Checking In and Checking Up

Are you tired of trying to sort through what information is correct? What health information you take seriously? How to adapt the requirements of opening or lock downs—masks, face shields, air conditioning—to your particular church in your county?

Join us Thursday, August 6 at 12 noon via Zoom

We are hosting a webinar with Dr. Lisa Zerr Allgood. Lisa is a Transitional EP in the Cincinnati Presbytery and an immunologist for nearly 4 decades. Lisa has been bringing wisdom and expertise and practical advice to the EPs of our denomination. The intersectionality of her skills and experience offer great benefits and wisdom for us today. We wanted to provide you a space to hear from her and ask her questions. We hope you attend.

A bit about Lisa—Trained as an immunocytochemist and a graduate of the University of Medicine and Dentistry NJ, Lisa spent 36 years as an executive in the pharmaceutical industry. She is a CRE currently serving as Transitional Executive Presbyter for the Presbytery of Cincinnati. Lisa is Secretary of the Board of Directors for Sinapis, a Christian non-profit based in Kenya serving entrepreneurs in ten countries on two continents, training and equipping them to build their businesses, thereby breaking the cycle of poverty in a Christian ethical framework, and has served in a number of other non-profit organizations locally. Lisa has two daughters: one completing her doctorate in clinical psychology at Xavier University, and one living in North Carolina, where she is married and teaches High School Chemistry and Environmental Science. Travel and photography are her favorite hobbies when she’s not running endless meetings!

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August 25, 2020 • 1 p.m.
Stewardship Kaleidoscope 2020
September 22, 29, & October 6  
10:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m.

We invite all to attend these stewardship webinars seeking to nurture, educate and inspire faithful financial discipleship and promote meaningful holistic approaches to stewardship. Check out the flyer for all the details.