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Heartland Reads Together: “Letter from the Birmingham Jail”

“We cannot read MLK’s “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” and not be profoundly moved. MLK’s momentous 1963 letter to Christian and Jewish clergy admonished religious leadership of the day not to sit idly by waiting for social change to simply happen, but instead to rise up and embrace non-violent protest as a productive response to unjust treatment of their fellow black brothers and sisters living under sanctioned segregation. MLK’s letter seminally informed and motivated that generation, and his powerful truth, “injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere,” spurred the Church to make social change happen. MLK’s letter speaks just as powerfully today to both clergy and laity alike. The Heartland Presbytery passionately encourages all to read “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” and discuss it within your church staffs, Sessions and congregations. Together, we have the love of the Gospel to share in ever-widening circles, and “Letter from the Birmingham Jail” provides more than ample truth to energize our effort.”

~ Greg Take, Moderator, PUIMN

The General Assembly of 2020 will be discussing adding this as a Confession of the Church.

Journey to Alabama

Join Heartland Presbytery as we Journey to Alabama and step into the footprints of the Civil Rights leaders.

Sunday, March 8–Wednesday, March 11, 2020

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Spirit of Stewardship Conference
March 27–28
Pine Ridge Presbyterian Church
7600 NW Barry Rd.
Kansas City, MO 64153

We invite all to attend this regional stewardship event seeking to nurture, educate, and inspire faithful financial discipleship and promote meaningful holistic approaches to stewardship. In addition to networking opportunities and fellowship around the table there will be plenary sessions and workshops. Plenaries will focus on stewardship beyond the plates. In our time together we will explore what it means to be people who honor and respond to the gifts God has given to our care. Through the sharing of our own contexts and practices, we will think big picture, confront challenges, and practice rituals that will help us all to better integrate a genuine, meaningful, and joyful stewardship culture where we serve.

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