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At Heartland Presbytery we are happy to post your open positions.  We will include positions for the churches in our boundaries, as well as what would be considered validated ministries and support staff positions.  Please email your position title and details, as well as instructions for applying to

We will post your position for four weeks from the time it is submitted, or until your position is filled.



  • COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR (Part-time 18 hrs)              

Heartland Presbytery is seeking a part-time communications director. Our Communications Director will be working primarily on web design, print design and smoothing the transfer of information across the Presbytery.  READ MORE HERE: COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR

  • Administrative & Communications Assistant

Can you organize AND handle noise? Kaw Prairie Community Church in Lenexa (PCUSA-ELCA) seeks 20 hr/wk Administrative & Communications Assistant — who can focus on admin/online/newsletter/email 12 hrs/wk AND be a gracious barista/receptionist two morning shifts per week as Cafe/Gym/Playset Host.  (Some cafe days are quiet and empty, other days are pure pandemonium.)  8:45am-12:45pm MTWT, with  staff meeting early Tuesday afternoon.  $15/hr. Please see job description and download application form, then send form, resume, and cover letter to cc: