Manual of Operations Preface

This Manual of Operations has been years in the making and has involved the labors of many individuals and the Presbytery-at-large. For some, compiling and updating the Manual has been an arduous and at times tedious task. For those coming to it for the first time, it might seem a sprawling collection of documents and forms.

But for all users, we hope that these various chapters and Administrative Procedures will lead you to conjure a different image – that of the body of Christ. Just as Paul spoke of hands and feet, eyes and ears, we hope that these summaries of the work of staff, committees, commissions, divisions, and other entities of Heartland Presbytery will, in sum, give you a greater feel for the whole of our fellowship, for our shared ministries, for our common devotion and our joined purpose.

A word of practical explanation. The Table of Contents lists each piece of the Manual with a live link which will take you to that section. In some places you will see the words “Under Construction” following an entry which indicates that that particular document is still in development. We will publish these remaining documents as they are completed.

We consider the Manual a living document which will continuously evolve over time as corrections are made, omissions addressed and updates offered. As you identify such needs in the Manual, please let us know.

We thank the members of Presbytery for their patience during this work and the special assistance of volunteers and presbytery staff who have helped shepherd the manual through the publishing process. We pray that you find this a useful tool and thank you in advance for your assistance in keeping it up to date.

Peace and grace,

Pat Jackson

on behalf of the Church Order and Listening Division