When in the time of year when weather and road conditions my turn bad:

  1. Heartland Presbytery has no policy for office closing or meeting cancellations. In general it is our practice to have the office open regardless of weather. Individual staff members are asked to determine for themselves the road conditions between their homes and the office to determine if they can safely report to work. The office will be closed if there is a power outage. We’ll ask your patience and understanding if there are days that the office does not open because of inclement weather.
  2. Individual moderators make a determination on whether a particular committee, commission, task force, division or other entity of the presbytery will cancel or postpone because of weather. Notice should be sent, but if you are in doubt call the moderator. You should also use your own good judgment as to whether you can safely attend a particular meeting.
  3. Presbytery events, like GROW, do not cancel or postpone because of weather.  Events with outside leadership, catering and such incur expenses regardless of weather and will not be canceled. CWS