Partnership of Prayer

Because we are members of the Body of Christ, and because we are brothers and sisters in Christ, and because we follow the example of our Lord Jesus Christ and his servant Paul, who prayed for those who were close to them, we pray for and with one another. Please join in praying for these in our own Heartland Presbytery and our partner Maya Quiché Presbytery in Guatemala, Central America.

We invite you to join us in a Partnership of Prayer for the 2018-2019 calendar year beginning on June 10th.  On each successive Sunday, we will pray for churches who are a part of the family named Heartland Presbytery and our partner Maya Quiché Presbytery.  The names of the churches will appear each week here on our website.

To view, download, or print the new Partnership of Prayer Booklet, click the link below.

Link to the Partnership of Prayer Booklet 2018-2019

September 23, 2018 – 18th Sunday after Pentecost

Grandview Park Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, KS

The Rev. Rick Behrens, Pastor

The Rev. Terry Woodbury, Parish Associate, HR

The Rev. Thomas Williams, Pastor Emeritus

Ms. Rhonda Spears, Clerk of Session

Heartland Presbytery Worship and Fellowship Division

Moderator, Rev. Jonathan Mitchell

Each week we ask that  you pray for:

Honorably Retired

At-large members who are not currently serving churches

All ministers serving in validated ministries

Support staff of the churches