September 22, 2015 Meeting Packet

Please refer to these items as you prepare for the meeting:

Highlights of June 13 Presbytery Meeting


The following items will be needed and referenced at the meeting.  Please note that printed copies of the packet will not be available at the meeting, however, there will be wireless internet access.


00-9-22-2015 PM Blank Sign In Form-Doc 00

0-9-22-2015-Presbytery Docket-Doc 0

1-9-22-2015-Report of the Presbytery Council-Doc 1

2-9-22-2015-Council Minutes 5-18-2015-Doc 1a

3-9-22-2015-Presbytery Minutes 6-13-2015-Doc 1b

4-9-22-2015-2015 07 Financials HP For Presbytery Meeting-Doc 1c

5-9-22-2015-2016 Budget Second Reading-Doc 1d

6-9-22-2015-Report of the Stated Clerk-Doc 2

7-9-22-2015-CPM Report-Doc 3 9-9-22-2015-Church Order and Listening-Doc 5

8-9-22-2015-2015 Fall Gath registration form-Doc 4

9-9-22-2015-Church Order and Listening-Doc 5

10-9-22-2015-Heartland Presbytery Employee Handbook-Doc 5a

11-9-22-2015-Overture – Fossil Fuel-Doc 5b

12-9-22-2015-AC New Summit-Doc 6

13-9-22-2015-Youth Retreat-Doc 7a

14-9-22-2015-OASIS-Doc 7b

15-9-22-2015-Embracing Hope-Doc 7c

16-9-22-2015-Youth Triennium-Doc 7d

17-9-22-2015-Resource Center Subscription-Doc 7e

18-9-22-2015-New Beginnings Flyer-Doc 8

19-9-22-2015-Kaleidoscope 2016-Doc 9a

20-9-22-2015-2015 Narative Mission Budget-Doc 9b

21-9-22-2015-COM Report for Presby 09-22-15-Doc 10

22-9-22-2015-BIO – Amir-Doc 10a

23-9-22-2015-Statement of Faith Admir Tawadrous-Doc 10b

24-9-22-2015-Young Bio-10c

25-9-22-2015-Statement of Faith Young-Doc 10d

26-9-22-2015-Sesquicentennial 2nd PC-Attachment

27-9-22-2015-Directory Changes-Attachment

28-9-22-2015-Levine Press Release-final-pdf-Attachment