June 4, 2019

Presbytery Meeting – South-Broadland Presbyterian Church, Kansas City, Missouri

Please refer to these items as you prepare for the meeting and make special note to print or download them to your computer.  We especially encourage you to bring a printed copy of the docket. Internet access will be available, however access could be limited.

Please note that you can download the entire packet by clicking the first selection “ENTIRE PRESBYTERY PACKET 6-4-2019”, OR you can download and print the individual documents.

If you missed the online registration, we’d still love to have you attend.  Please complete the Blank Attendance Walk-In Registration Form either before you arrive, or we’ll have extra blank copies at the meeting.

Entire Presbytery Packet 6-4-2019

00-2019-6-4-Conversation Guidelines – Doc 00

0-2019-6-4 -Amended Presbytery Docket (1) – Doc 0

1-2019-6-4-Presbytery Council Report – Doc 1

2-2019-6-4-Council Minutes 3-18-2019 – Doc 1a

3-2019-6-4-Presbytery Minutes 4-27-2019 Amended

4-2019-6-4-Trustees Report – Doc 1c

5-2019-6-4-HP_2019-04_Financial Reports – Doc 1d

6-2019-6-4-Personnel Report – Doc 1e

7-2019-6-4-Report of the Stated Clerk – Doc 2

8-2019-6-4-Commission on Preparation for Ministry – Doc 3

9-2019-6-4-Process Handout CPM – Doc 3a

10-2019-6-4-Bio Beyer – Doc 3b

11-2019-6-4-Byer – Statement of Faith – Doc 3c

12-2019-6-4-Ramsey Bio.doc – Doc 3d

13-2019-6-4-Ramsey S of F.doc – Doc 3e

14-2019-6-4-Bio Tracy – Doc 3f

15-2019-6-4-Statement of Faith – Tracy – Doc 3g

16-2019-6-4-AC St. Mark’s Union – Doc 4

17-2019-6-4-Flier for presbytery updated events – Doc 5a

18-2019-6-4-Church Security Seminar-Doc 5b

19-2019-6-4-Fearless Dialogues flier for presbytery – Doc 6

20-2019-6-4-Nominations Committee – Doc 7

21-2019-6-4-AP7 GA Nomination Process – Doc 7a

22-2019-6-4-AP7 GA Nomination Process – Doc 7a

23-2019-6-4-June 4, 2019 COM Report to Presbytery – Doc 8

24-2019-6-4-Bryan Bond Bio – Doc 8a

25-2019-6-4-Bryan Bond Statement of faith (1) – Doc 8b

26-2019-6-4-PW SMA 2019 Gathering rev. – Att

27-2019-6-4-Commissioners Resolution St Mark – Doc 9 Entire Presbytery Packet 6-4-2019