November 19, 2019

Presbytery Meeting – November 19, 2019 – Village Presbyterian on Antioch, Overland Park, Kansas

Please refer to these items as you prepare for the meeting and make special note to print or download them to your computer.  We especially encourage you to bring a printed copy of the docket.  Internet access will be available, however access could be limited.

Please note that you can download the entire packet by clicking the first selection “Complete Packet with Docket”, OR you can download and print the individual documents.  Also note that the Financial Detail will NOT be included in the entire packet download option.  Please refer to the individual items listed below to access the full financial detail.


0-2019-11-19-pm-Presbytery Docket-Doc 0

1-2019-11-19-pm-Presbytery Minutes 8-17-2019-Doc 1a

2-2019-11-19-pm-Council Minutes 8-19-2019-Doc 1b

3-2019-11-19-pm-Presbytery Minutes 9-21-2019-Doc 1c

4-2019-11-19-pm-HP_2019-09_Financial Reports-Doc 1d

5-2019-11-19-pm-HP_Audit Report_2018-Doc 1e

6-2019-11-19-pm-Trustee Report – November 19-Doc 1f

7-2019-11-19-pm-COM Report-Doc 3

8-2019-11-19-pm-CPM Report-Doc 2

9-2019-11-19-pm-Church Order and Listening Report for 2019-Doc 4

10-2019-11-19-pm-Report of the Stated Clerk

11-2019-11-19-pm-Southridge AC

12-2019-11-19-pm-Mullinax Stmt of Faith-Doc 3a

13-2019-11-19-pm-Mullinax Bio-Doc 3b

14-2019-11-19-pm-Bio for Susan Alley-Doc 3c

15-2019-11-19-pm-Susan Alley St of Faith-Doc 3d

16-2019-11-19-Statement of Faith Randy-Doc 3e

17-2019-11-19-pm-My Faith Journey – Randy-Doc 3f

18-2019-11-19-pm-Words matter

19-2019-11-19-pm-Statistics about women and salary in HP (1)

20-2019-11-19-pm-bio – Melanie Hardison-Doc 3g

21-2019-11-19-pm-Hardison Statement of Faith-Doc 3h

22-2019-11-19-pm-Kemper Huber Bio-Doc 3i

23-2019-11-19-pm-Kemper Huber S of F-Doc 3j

24-2019-11-19-pm-2020_Budget – 1 page-Doc 1g

25-2019-11-19-pm-Heartland Presbytery Proposed 2020 Budget Narrative-Doc 1h

26-2019-11-19-pm-Flier for presbytery updated events-Doc 1i

27-2019-11-19-pm-Report and Recommendations to Heartland Presbytery and Board of Trustees 082119-Doc 3k

28-2019-11-19-pm-AP 13 – Health & Parental Leave Policy-Doc 3l

29-2019-11-19-pm-Barnett Bio-Doc 3m

30-2019-11-19-pm-Barnett S of Faith-Doc 3n

31-2019-11-19-pm-Sally Wright Bio-Doc 3o

32-2019-11-19-pm-Sally Wight – Statement of Faith-Doc 3p

33-2019-11-19-pm-Berry_Megan_FaithJourney-Doc 2a

34-2019-11-19-pm-Berry_Megan_SoF (1)-Doc 2b

35-2019-11-19-pm-Nominations Committee-Doc 5

36-2019-11-19-pm-2020 Spirit of Stewardship Save the Date flyer

37-2019-11-19-pm-2020 Youth Tubing Save the Date flyer

38-2019-11-19-pm-Historians Packet piece 11-2019

39-2019-11-19-pm-Southminster Flyer