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Heartland Presbytery
Preaching Honorarium Schedule

Churches are expected to provide an honorarium plus mileage for pulpit supply preachers.  The following schedule lists the Committee on Ministry (COM) approved minimum honorariums:

Single Congregation (SC) ~ Yoked Churches (YC):
Teaching Elders: SC $100 ~ YC $125
Seminary Students: SC $ 85 ~  YC $105
Ruling Elders: SC $ 85 ~  YC $105

Moderate Session meeting $50
Wedding $150
Funeral $125
Plus travel expenses @ current IRS rate (54.5¢ cents per mile for employee business)

Feedback: Congregations/Supply Preachers – COM wants to know about your church’s pulpit supply experience; including ideas for strengthening the pulpit supply ministry and process.

* Note: Minister Members of the Presbytery can also be requested to serve communion, baptize children and adults, ordain/install new officers, and conduct funerals and weddings.


(Policy updated by COM, March 6, 2014)
(Policy adopted by COM, April 8, 2010)
(Approved by Council, May 17, 2010)
(Approved by Presbytery, June 15, 2010)
(Updated annually to reflect IRS mileage rates)