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Pulpit Fill is such a wonderful opportunity of the presbytery. It is a gathering of those who are able to preach when there is a need to fill the pulpit. They have had fit interviews, background checks, and are willing to drive to preach throughout our presbytery. They are remunerated for their time and energy in preparing a sermon and traveling to the church. Our Pulpit Supply list is updated every year. Below is the link for the policy and for the list and contact information of pulpit supply click on this link:

Remember your passphrase is Heart3210.

At the wisdom of the Mid Council Leaders, we have changed our approach to our participation in Pulpit Fill. We are sensitive to the reality that many of the people on this list, utilize this needed aspect of ministry of pulpit fill to subsidize their financial needs as well. We do not want to displace their presence and thus potentially offset their financial opportunities.

This doesn’t mean we do not want to join you and your church in leading worship. If you have an empty pulpit, we are happy to come one Sunday and preach.

If you are going to be gone and you are looking for someone to fill your pulpit, we ask you go to the Pulpit  Supply list.

The Leadership of the Presbytery would love to come preach at your church and to do it when you are present, so we can share in leadership of worship. This gives you a Sunday off of sermon prep, demonstrates the collaborative ministries of the presbytery and pastors, and ensures our pulpit fill leaders are fully supported financially.


Dee Cooper, Interim Executive Presbyter
Sheri Fry, Interim Associate Executive Presbyter
Ron Galvin, COM Moderator

For the most updated Pulpit Supply List Visit our Web Based Presbytery Directory

 Session Moderator Voucher 

Pulpit Supply Voucher 2019

Heartland Presbytery
Preaching Honorarium Schedule

Churches are expected to provide an honorarium plus mileage for pulpit supply preachers.  The following schedule lists the Committee on Ministry (COM) approved minimum honorariums:

Single Congregation (SC) ~ Yoked Churches (YC):
Teaching Elders: SC $100 ~ YC $125
Seminary Students: SC $ 85 ~  YC $105
Ruling Elders: SC $ 85 ~  YC $105

Moderate Session meeting $50
Wedding $150
Funeral $125
Plus travel expenses @ current IRS rate (57.5¢ cents per mile for employee business)

Feedback: Congregations/Supply Preachers – COM wants to know about your church’s pulpit supply experience; including ideas for strengthening the pulpit supply ministry and process.

* Note: Minister Members of the Presbytery can also be requested to serve communion, baptize children and adults, ordain/install new officers, and conduct funerals and weddings.


(Policy updated by COM, March 6, 2014)
(Policy adopted by COM, April 8, 2010)
(Approved by Council, May 17, 2010)
(Approved by Presbytery, June 15, 2010)
(Updated annually to reflect IRS mileage rates)