September 19, 2020

Heartland Presbytery Saturday, September 19, 2020 Stated Meeting—Advance Registration Required

9 a.m.—Online via Zoom

The Meeting Packet is now available!

The September 19, 2020, stated meeting of Heartland Presbytery will take place at 9 a.m. by Zoom video conference. It will be necessary to have a computer or other device with audio and video capabilities to fully participate in this meeting.

Only those who have registered in advance will receive the link that gives them access to the meeting. It is essential to register in advance by clicking herePlease register no later than September 16.

The actual meeting link will be sent to those who have registered, along with notification that the meeting packet has been posted (which will happen no later than September 14). There will also be an opportunity to practice with Zoom before the meeting. Details can be found on the registration form.

Pastors and Session Moderators: Please ensure that your commissioners have this information so they can participate in the meeting.

If you have any questions about registration, Zoom participation, or the business before the presbytery, contact Stated Clerk Brian Ellison at

Meeting Packet

Please refer to the packet items as you prepare for the meeting. If you do not have multiple monitors or devices (to participate in the meeting and view documents), you may want to print some things ahead of time.

Please note that you will be able to download the entire packet by clicking the first selection “Complete Packet” OR you can download and print the individual documents.

It was announced at the September 19, 2020, stated meeting that the year-to-date financial report would be posted after the meeting. It can be found here or in the list below.

Complete Packet 9.19.20

Doc 0 – Docket 9.19.20

Doc 1 – Stated Clerk 9.19.20

Doc 2 – Council 9.19.20

Doc 2a – June 2020 Presbytery Minutes

Doc 2b – July 2020 Council Minutes

Doc 2c – Year-to-Date Financial Reports 9.19.20 (now available)

Doc 2d – Business Affairs 9.19.20

Doc 3 – GA224 Delegation 9.19.20

Doc 4 – COM 9.19.20

Doc 4a – COM-Whiteside 9.19.20

Doc 4b – COM-Tuma 9.19.20

Doc 4c – COM-Anders 9.19.20

Doc 4d – COM-Terms of Call 9.19.20

Doc 5 – AC-Pleasant Hill 9.19.20

Doc 6 – New Worshiping Communities 9.19.20

Doc 7 – Nominations 9.19.20

Doc 8 – CPM 9.19.20

Doc 9 – PUIMN 9.19.20

Doc 10 – Stewardship Kaleidoscope Flyer 9.19.20