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Immigrant Congregations

The Church Planting and Revitalization committee (CPR) disburses shared mission dollars and provides prayerful support to help and empower immigrant church plants within our presbytery.

Presbyterians have a long history of lending a helping hand to immigrants.  Mission efforts for those entering America spread across the country, from Ellis Island in the 19thCentury to the sanctuary church movement in the late 20th Century.

  • Regionally, Neema Community Church began at Central Baptist Theological Seminary as a dream for starting a Swahili worship service.  The small group moved to 1st Presbyterian KCK, then to Village.  In 2013, the congregation moved to its first building at 95th and Farley in Overland Park and celebrated a one-year anniversary at that location in May.  Led by Dr. David Nzioka, the church now has multiple worship services, Bible studies, and several mission and outreach efforts.
  • Growing out of missionary work in the Middle East, Arabic families now settled in America bring along with them their faith practices in the Presbyterian church.  Heartland Presbytery established the Arabic Presbyterian Fellowship (APF) and Grace Covenant in Overland Park opened its doors to house the worshipping community.  Amgad Megally was called from the Presbytery of the Nile to serve the small group.  Heartland Presbytery designated APF as one of 1001 New Worshipping Communities, an initiative of PC(USA).

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Shared in the July 14, 2014 Heartland Connection:

                                                What is Your Future Story?                                                     by Teaching Elder Leigh Gillis, Heartland Presbytery Staff

Five of the churches in Heartland Presbytery have opted-in for the Office of Evangelism and Church Growth’s “New Beginnings” program to help discover theirs.

Churches get stuck sometimes. New Beginnings (NB) specializes in resourcing congregations to make a meaningful decision about their future. Beginning July 21, three assessors from Louisville will come to work with Bethel, Kansas City, KS; Calvary, Independence, MO; Presbyterian Disciples Church, Lexington, MO; Linwood United, Kansas City, MO and South Broadland, Kansas City, MO. They will do a comprehensive look at history, facilities, members, location, demographics and other factors to help these congregations discern a meaningful future of ministry in their own unique ways.

Churches receive leadership training for key leaders (not just session members) and a thorough report of what options they might realistically choose as a “future story” for their own specific setting. As New Beginnings participant congregations come to the end of the decision-making process, they begin to live into their decisions. You may read some past participant stories at

Thanks to our Church Planting and Revitalization committee (CPR), each church will have to pay only a fraction of the cost of the NB process. Ten congregations have just completed the “Acts 16:5” program at a supplemented rate, which helped them to develop a defining vision and design transformational ministry for their churches. Your Heartland Presbytery CPR is happy to invest in the mission and ministry of congregations preparing for new ways of sharing the old, old story.

Contact CPR Chair Paul Rock at for more information.

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Shared in the July 7, 2014 Heartland Connection:

                                          Church Planting & Revitalization                                            by Teaching Elder Paul Rock, Second Presbyterian Church

The Church Planting and Revitalization Committee, or CPR, is one of the many outreach arms of our Presbytery that utilizes your Shared Mission giving.  While the tongue-in-cheek acronym may sound a bit morbid, this committee is anything but.

If you think about it, CPR is a learned skill we share with others which stimulates the lungs and pumps life through the heart. Correspondingly, CPR is tasked with the job of perceiving, encouraging and supporting new and creative forms of ministry around our Presbytery.  Throughout the month of July you will learn more about the various ways CPR promotes new life and encourages local churches to understand their ministry context and prayerfully and strategically engage as the hands of Christ. Thank you for your gifts which help the Spirit blow new life into the various corners of our local mission field.

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