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                                             Christian Education and Beyond                                                              By Ruling Elder Malinda Spencer, Church Resource Center Director

Heartland Presbytery works with the Association of Presbyterian Church Educators (APCE), a national organization that seeks to connect, enrich, empower and sustain Christian educators across the country. The Mid Central region of APCE participates with Heartland Presbytery to produce an event locally with those same goals in mind.  It seeks to offer the same quality of expertise both in keynote speakers and variety of workshops. OASIS provides you a time to retreat from your daily tasks and spend time in enriching your life and your ministry.

Dr. Chip Andrus will be the key note speaker. Chip comes to us with a variety of experiences in the PCUSA. He has served both small and large churches, has been a professor of worship, and has worked in the office of Theology, Worship and Spiritual Formation in our PCUSA headquarters.  Most of all, Chip is a person who connects with people both with the spoken word and with his music. You’re sure to find him engaging and challenging in his message.

As educators and pastors, we are so involved in enriching the lives of others, that we often neglect our own spiritual needs. Workshops will be available to encourage you to deepen your own spiritual journey as well as opportunities to enhance your ministry whether it’s with children, youth, or adults. If you choose, you can get away from it all and take a nature walk at our beautiful Heartland Center. If you’re looking for new and innovative resources, you will find workshops offering those ideas. If you are seeking to know more about networking with other educators or online, there’s a place for you.

We are indeed fortunate to have this opportunity so close. Take the time October 19-21 to join others in the Mid Central Region to enhance your ministry by attending Oasis at the Embassy Suites KCI.

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Shared in the August 18, 2014 Heartland Connection:

                                                        Triennium                                                                                               By Ellice Mitchell, First Presbyterian Church, Maryville, MO

My trip to Triennium was fantastic.  I was the only student from Maryville and was “adopted” by another church.  It was great to be treated as family and become part of a larger group.  Worshiping with 1000’s of other students was wonderful and inspiring.  I also enjoyed the speakers and seminars.  One of the highlights of the trip was meeting Presbyterians my age from all over the country and trading pins.  There are many parts of this experience I will never forget.  Thank you for making the trip to Triennium possible.

Youth Triennium 2013

Background note:  The Presbyterian Youth Triennium is a five day event for high school age youth (entering freshmen through graduated seniors) and accompanying adult youth leaders that occurs every three years.  It is focused on equipping young people to be transformational Christian leaders and seeks to join the home churches of the attendees to help call young people into deeper discipleship in Jesus Christ.  The Youth Triennium is a high energy, biblically infused and focused, youth friendly conference. For more information from the national level visit For more information on the local level contact the Congregational Ministries Division of Heartland Presbytery. 

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Shared in the August 11, 2014 Heartland Connection:

                                                         Embracing Hope                                                                   By Marilyn Lake, Southminster Presbyterian Church

Encouraging…enlightening…worshipful…musical…engaging…creative… artistic…heart-warming…soul-searching…theological…a warm community in the middle of a cold, cold January day.   All of these words just scratch the surface of describing Embracing Hope.  When asked to write a short article about my experience this last January these were the words that came to mind.   But further, I am so surprised that I can be so active in a Presbyterian congregation within the Heartland Presbytery and I STILL had never heard of Embracing Hope!  Why isn’t everyone coming to this event????

There IS a place for everyone in the choir:  this one-day workshop covered all aspects of our collective church life, including worship ideas and music and experiences, workshops for Elders and Deacons supporting their work in the church, lunch (because Presbyterians know how to eat!!!), and even worship with a guest pastor.  She was so engaging and hopeful, it was a rare treat to share in her ability to lead in worship and to feel like we were a part of a greater church body.

Embracing Hope is such a blessing to our Presbytery, and it is my prayer that more of our members will seek out this type of learning experience.  My soul was well nourished and fed.

Don’t miss Embracing Hope 2015 on Saturday, January 24 at Trinity Presbyterian Church, Independence, MO with keynote speaker Gradye Parsons, Stated Clerk, PC(USA). For information on the day’s workshops visit Registration will be available soon.

Congregational Ministries Division (CMD) uses Shared Mission funding as “seed” money for their work providing Presbytery-wide church education events like Embracing Hope and youth events.  Watch for more of their work during the month of August.

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