Spirit of Stewardship

In an effort to nurture, educate and inspire faithful financial discipleship and promote meaningful holistic approaches to stewardship, Heartland, Northern Kansas, Missouri Union and John Calvin Presbyteries and Synod of Mid-America have been presenting regional webinars. Below you will find information from previous webinars, as well as details about upcoming presentations.

June 30

Rosemary Mitchell, Director for Mission Engagement and Support for the PC(USA), presented The Fullness of God’s Grace: Repentance and Thanksgiving.

We are living in history. What is our context for thanksgiving and praise? This season is more than challenging. But, we are not alone. We worship as a community of faith. We are God’s household. This webinar will look at foundational images of the Body of Christ. We will use those images to formulate how we structure and create our thanksgiving and what we do and say when we are at a loss for words.

Recording—Password: 3I=%V351

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May 26

Bryce Wiebe, Director of Special Offerings for the PC(USA), presented Offering Apocalypse.

The word “apocalypse” in Greek means “to reveal” or “uncover.” Times of extreme stress and strain have a habit of revealing things, and Covid-19 is no different. For many, it has “uncovered” a desire for community, connection, purpose, and meaning—prominent features of faith in Jesus Christ, and our practices as the Church. By engaging “Ten Stewardship Dos and One Stewardship Do Not” your congregation can explore and discern what is being revealed in this crisis, in order to shape ministry during the pandemic and beyond. What is it you are seeing be revealed?

Recording—Password: 5V@?*F*8

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