Greetings Triennium Participants!

Here are some important things that you need to know:
  • Heartland Presbytery Delegation Travel Itinerary
Monday, July 15th, 7:00pm:
Check-In/Pre Departure Lock-In  
Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church                                    
3108 WB 40 Highway, Blue Springs, MO 64015
Tuesday, July 16th:
5:00am – Buses depart for Triennium 
(a ‘grab & go’ breakfast is being provided by Chapel Hill)
3:30pm (approximately) – Arrive at Purdue University/Triennium (please note that you lose an hour as you cross into the eastern time zone)
Tuesday, July 16th – Saturday, July 20th:
Presbyterian Youth Triennium – “Here’s My Heart”
Saturday, July, 20th, Noon: Depart Triennium 
Saturday, July 20th: 
8:30pm – 9:00pm- Arrive Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church for pick up.
(Note that times are estimated)
  • What to bring in addition to what is on the Triennium Packing List 
  1. Sleeping bag & pillow (if you don’t like sleeping on the floor bring an inflatable mattress, cot, or bedroll) Chapel Hill is graciously allowing us to keep these items there while we are at Triennium
  2. Enough $ for at least 2 fast-food meals on the road (lunch going & dinner returning)
  3. A snack to share for Monday night’s junk food buffet.  (leftovers will be divvy-ed up between the two buses to enjoy on the road) 
Optional: spending cash for snack stops on the road, and while at Trienniuim: concessions, daily offering, souvenir/novelty items, bookstore 
Subway box lunches will be provided at departure for our returning trip on Saturday – This cost was included in our delegation registration expense – sandwich choices are: Ham, Turkey, Veggie – be ready to give your sandwich choice at check-in on Monday night.

Triennium Packing List  (remember you will be living in a dorm room in a residence hall – you will probably have to carry your luggage up at least one flight of stairs, possibly more.  Think light and pack smart!)

Triennium Event Schedule

Optional “Adult Advisors” Learning Tract (For Adult Advisors and Adult Observers) – can be used for continuing education opportunity


Heartland Presbytery Youth Council

Heartland Presbytery Youth Council Application Revised May 2017


Heartland Presbytery Day at Worlds of Fun

July 28, 2016

WOF 1 - Copy WOF 2 - Copy WOF 3 - Copy WOF 4 - Copy WOF 5 - Copy WOF 6 - Copy WOF 7 - Copy WOF 8 - Copy WOF 9 - Copy WOF 10 - Copy WOF 11 WOF 12 WOF 13 WOF 14 WOF 15



July 19 – 23, 2016

Triennium 1 2016 Triennium 2 2016 triennium 3 2016 Triennium 4 2016 Triennium 5 2016 triennium 6 2016 triennium 7 2016


2016 Winter Youth Rally/Tubing

January 18, 2016

snow tubing 1 snow tubing 2 snow tubing 3 snow tubing 4 snow tubing 5 snow tubing 6 snow tubing 7 snow tubing 8 snow tubing 9


FALL YOUTH RETREAT “Be a Part of the Story” October 2nd – 3rd, 2015

“Thanks” to the youth and adults that made this retreat possible!  Hope to see you in January for the Winter Youth Tubing Day.

Be a part of the story 1 Be a part of the story2 Be a part of the story3 Be a part of the story4 Be a part of the story5 Be a part of the story6


The Youth Council has been working hard on preparing for this year’s youth events!

Here are some photos of the fun they had at the Youth Council Orientation on

August 22, 2015

IMG_0333 IMG_0332 IMG_0331 IMG_0331 (00000002) IMG_0330 IMG_0329 Youth Council